gana enterprise



G-TV An advanced concept for GANA TV breaking away existing an analog method to service various. Infotainment(Information + Entertainment) through mobile device based on wireless network in the ship.

  • Entertainment Communal Aerial System(CAS)
    Video on Demand
    Satellite Tv

  • Information GPS Clock
    Caption's Notice/Food Menu
    Navigation & Engine Information
    Emergency Alert/Alam
    Weather & Ship Position

  • Communication VoIP Telephone Connection
    Smart Phone Interface
    Paging Call
    SOS Call

  • Safety Vessel Indoor Positioning System
    Crew Position & Tracking
    Hazardous Zone Alert
    Emergency Alarm & Exit
    Real Time CCTV Connection

Communal Aerial System

Communal Aerial System automatic exchange telephone system is built to use wire less IP phone and smart phone by using an integrated network cable that enable voice and video to use effectively. This latest(state-of-the-art) IT technology applied system works with existing analog automatic exchange telephone system. In addition, its design and system integration are based on the conditions to build as required by SOLAS regulation of automatic. telephone with public address system and general alarm system.